Hawthorn Cottage in Eyam, Derbyshire

Hawthorn Cottage, Eyam

Following meetings with numerous local Architects and Architectural Designers in the local area the property owners ultimately felt that JCAD had the most relevant design ideas and inventiveness to maximise the potential of an historic dwelling which had some extremely restrictive features.

Final designs were agreed with the client and subsequently with Peak Park District Council Planning Authority, who granted planning approval before construction drawings were produced and ultimately approved by building control also prior to the clients carrying out the build on site there selves.
The scheme is broadly detailed below.

Existing Property – A run down but attractive one bedroom stone built cottage with dilapidated off shot kitchen and small yard which was fully enclosed by surrounding buildings and high level walls to rear.
As Built – The existing off shot kitchen and outbuildings were knocked down and a sympathetic and subtle pitched roof was installed over the space extending the cottage to provide a delicate and stunning dining kitchen to the rear of this cottage in the historic village of Eyam.
Additional works to the existing bedroom were carried out to form an exposed sloping ceiling with decorative timbers together with re-planning the awkward and disjointed bathroom with an En-suite shower / bathroom together with an overall of the entire house as featured in the Channel 4 television show “Beat m Build” – http://www.channel4.com/programmes/beat-my-build/on-demand/54527-008

The completed dwelling comprises the following accommodation:

  • New dining kitchen with feature ceiling ties and rooflights
  • Renovated living room
  • Alterations to bedroom ceiling
  • Reconfigured access and fittings to create en-suite facilities

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